5-PATH® IAHP Membership

5-PATH® IAHP Membership - 1 Year

One Year Membership renewal

I would like to renew my 5-PATH® IAHP Membership for one year and would like to pay as follows:

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  • One Payment - $97.00 (save $22.64)

  • Monthly Payments - $9.97 a month for 12 months

Important Notice: To qualify for this membership you must be a 5-PATH® certified hypnotist.

The mission of this organization will be to promote the hypnosis profession through promotion of 5-PATH® and other advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques. The association will provide basic and advanced hypnosis training, and provide venues for communication and support between those in the profession, those wanting to enter into the profession, and those outside of the profession who would like to learn more about it, including the media and general public.

To be a member of 5-PATH® IAHP, you must have graduated from one of the Banyan Courses, including the 10-Day Certification Super-Course, the Week of Power 7-Day Course, or through our 5-PATH® distance learning course.

All current members can easily distinguish themselves by proudly displaying the following:

  • 5-PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals Membership - Certificate of Good Standing.

  • Ability to use the emblem on your website and have it backed up by a link to our website where your credentials are explained, (which will show your potential clients and other professionals your elite status in the profession).

  • 5-PATH® Hypnosis Directory (www.Hypnosis-Directory.com) Listing (non-members will be removed).

Membership has other important benefits as well:

  • Be able to have a web page listing in the 5-PATH® Hypnosis Directory (www.Hypnosis-Directory.com) Listing, (non-members will be removed).

  • Be able to advertise on the BHC websites (so if you are not a current member, you will lose that ability to advertise with us);

  • Be able apply to become a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (CPHI) of our 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self Hypnosis® programs;

  • Receive preferential treatment, when you need help;

Newly added benefit:

  • Until further notice, all current 5-PATH® association members will enjoy an additional 10% discount on all the products sold by the Banyan Hypnosis center.This discount can be used in addition to our weekly special offers also.For example, when we offer a 20% discount, you get a 30% discount. (This discount is not transferable to others.)

All new 5-PATH® graduates automatically become members and the first six months of membership is included in their tuition.

Together as members of the 5-PATH® IAHP we can build a better future for the profession, as we work with other organizations such as the National Guild of Hypnotists, National Federation of Hypnotists Union and the National Health Freedom Organization. We hope that all 5-PATHers® around the world will join our association and become members in good standing. For more information, email us or call our office at 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390.