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7th Path™ Forward Advanced Certification Course

7th Path™ Forward – A Revolution! – This Advanced Certification Is Now Highly Recommended for 5-PATHers Who Want to Be the Best!
Cal Banyan

Yes, there is a revolution going on and I’m inviting you to be a part of it!

The 5-PATH® IAHP Community just became more effective and more flexible!

I haven’t been more excited about anything in the hypnosis profession as I am now!

Have I got your attention? I hope so!

What would make me back off from doing 5-PATH® (5P) with every client? Now, I am putting 5P in the “back seat”!


7th Path™ Forward (7PF), that is what!

Up until now you have all been doing ONLY 5-PATH® (5PO) , OR you have been doing (what we will now call) 5-PATH® Forward (5PF).

In a previous article, New… The 7th Path Forward Approach, I introduced 7PF for the first time. But no single article could completely explain this revolutionary new approach. Nor could any number of articles, or even a book, give you all that is needed to be a competently trained 5-PATHer who uses 7PF.

So, in this article I am going to give you more important information about 7PF and give you the information you need about the new advanced certification in 7PF!

Here is an insider look at what is happening as we now have 7PF for you to use...

First let me outline some new ways of thinking of things:

  • “5-PATH® Only” (5PO) is when you do 5-PATH® by itself, without 7P and perhaps without The Secret Language of Feelings (TSLOF). Some of our 5-PATHers were trained by way of the video course only. They have learned to do 5PO. They have no 7th Path™ (7P) training and they are not 7P teachers. They may or may not be teaching TSLOF. Here you are in the role of “therapist”.

  • “5-PATH® Forward” (5PF) is what most of us do. That is to do 5P and teach 7P, and TSLOF, with 7P and TSLOF being secondary, or optional. In this case we are relying on 5P to do most of the work. That is why I am calling it 5PF. In this case you are still in the role of “therapist”.

    Here is an image that shows the 5PF Process. 5P is on top because it has priority and expected to do most of the work, everything else is complementary and supportive to 5P.

    Note that GIFGO is Gold In for Gold Out and A&A is Action and Accountability.

  • “7th Path™ Forward” (7PF) is the new revolution. Here 7th Path™ (7P) is doing most of the change work for the client! The different phases of 5P are tools you use at your discretion, usually only when 7PF is not working fast enough. Here you are more in the role of “teacher”. With 7PF, TSLOF is a definite part of the process. So is strong “vision building” and “action and accountability”.

    In 7PF, 7P has priority and 5P is the backup.

Again, GIFGO is Gold In for Gold Out and A&A is Action and Accountability.

At the time of this writing - can you believe that I’ve only done the full 5PF series of sessions with one client in the last 12 months and I’m having great success!!! The rest have been 7PF-only sessions, with amazing results & my clients are happier.

Some Benefits of Doing 7PF

There are many, many benefits of adding ths 7PF approach to what you are doing now.

  • Clients love the sessions!
  • Sessions are less work for you and your clients.
  • Clients typically want more sessions to get more Recognitions.
  • Clients do not have to talk about their past if they don’t want to.
  • Clients do not have to relive their past and share it if they don’t want to.
  • You can do this with friends and family because you are teaching; not doing therapy.
  • You will lose less clients because it is not as emotionally challenging.
  • It is flexible because you can use parts of 5-PATH® when and if needed!
  • It is a holistic approach enabling more change with when working with one issue at a time.

7th Path Forward Is Not Just Teaching 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® It Is More!

This is not just teaching 7P to clients, that is why there is a new complete 5-PATH® IAHP, Advanced Certification Course for Certification in 7th Path™ Forward on how to do these kinds of sessions. I’ll put the feedback from the first course at the end of this article.

In the course you will get it all so that you can help your clients to be extremely motivated and focused in on what they came in to change, and then continue to work on themselves in the future.

Taking the 7th Path™ Forward approach with your clients also greatly increases the probability that they will get more Recognitions and become more independent and happier. Happy clients are your best referral source and as such the best way to grow your hypnosis practice.

BIG BONUS… The course includes videos of me doing 7th Path™ Forward with a real client! See the difference in approach. Watch the transformation. After graduation these videos will be available to the graduates (in your training materials library at no additional charge). So, after the class you can revisit the videos and review any part of a video or all of them whenever and wherever you want.

BIG BONUS… In this advanced course I explain everything in detail, and I know you will have questions which I will gladly answer. But the support will not end there. I have set up a special discussion group for 7PF grads only. There you can share experiences and continue to ask questions and get them answered!

No Recordings This advance course is not recorded. I do not record advanced courses, such as the 5-PATH® Advanced Certification. It has never been recorded to be made into a training video set. This is because these advanced courses are constantly evolving. This is especially true of this new 7PF system.

Minimum Qualifications for This Advanced Course

To qualify for this upcoming course, one must be a competent 5-PATHer, who has also taught 7P to your clients or students and turned in the signed 7P forms (the first page of the 7th Path™ Booklet) for those clients or students. You will be asked how many paying clients you have done this with when you enroll in the class. You also need to be a 7P practitioner yourself.

Contact our office to learn about the next upcoming 7th Path™ Forward Advanced Certification Course! Call 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390 or email

See you in class…

Let’s do GREAT things together!

PS Here is all the feedback so far from the those who just went through the Advanced 7th Path™ Forward Certification Course. (And my thanks go out to each one of you who took the time to write about how you liked the course!)

Just completed the 7th Path Forward two day class. Loved it!!This class enriched my toolbox of techniques from which I guide clients toward self-healing and personal growth. The course included a review of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, followed by an in depth demonstration of how 5-PATHers can achieve amazing results with their client without our traditional use of AR, FOO and FOS. It was amazing to see the transformation of a challenging client who was coached to learn and practice the guidelines of SLF and 7th Path to overcome a myriad of issues healing himself using Delta as his therapist. Don’t hesitate to take this course. It will enlighten your mind and improve your ability to work with clients who have difficulty talking about their issues. As usual, Cal provides great hand-outs and ample time for questions and answers. I have never taken a course with Cal that didn’t benefit my knowledge base beyond my expectations. Don’t walk, run to sign up.

Joan Ann Fisette, BCH, CPHI

Just finished a most excellent and exciting training with Cal for the 7th Path Forward system! This was truly something I have been waiting for ever since I trained with Cal back in 2005. It stuck in my head when he said that what he'd really like to do is 7th Path every client if he could... well, now he is! So, to speak. With your 5-Path skills and experience to support you, take this course and learn how to bring 7th Path forward (7thPath Forward, right?) to make your sessions more gentle, more enjoyable for both you and the client, to build deeper trust faster, and to give your clients the experience of using the method as a primary self-care tool. If you love 7th Path and have been wanting to make your 5 Path sessions more gentle, this is it!!!! The next course will be out sooner than you think so watch your email and be ready to register!

So glad I took this course! Thank you , Cal!

Debbie Yaffee, BCH

I'd like to echo (7th Path joke) the comments already stated, and also offer another perspective. I tried 7PF with a client after Cal's presentation at the October Symposium. It flopped, and we went back to 5PF and I pretty much wrote off the earlier sessions. Maybe it was the client, maybe it was me, but it didn't "work." I was frustrated and disappointed, which is why I wanted to take the additional training that Cal was offering.

In the course of this training I realized I had just been teaching 7th Path as self-hypnosis as I had always before and expecting that to be enough. (In some cases, it might be, of course.) In 7PF, the approach is much more nuanced and deeper - I want to say more "assertive" in teaching/training 7th Path in the context of (or as a tool in) hypno-therapy. It is more than just teaching it as an adjunct to 5PF or as a stand-alone self-hypnosis technique. This class/training really got into the mechanics - the step-by-step process of using 7th Path as a primary modality while working with a client - which was surprisingly different/extensive than simply "teaching 7th Path" (while still being familiar).

In short, the class was well worth the money and time. It is more than you expect from/with 7th Path. Thanks, Cal!

Christian Skoorsmith, BCH

OMG, I am so excited. I don't have space to tell you how amazing this new development is for 5-PATHers. I think 7PF is the next logical step in helping clients. It is going to bring more healing to the world, in an even more consistent way. Really looking forward to tomorrow's class!

Thank you Cal, for sharing your wisdom and inspiration with the world.

Kimberly Lorenz, BCH, CPHI

Kimberly said it PERFECTLY! I'm really excited to begin using this process that I already have 2 clients lined up to begin.

Thank you, Cal, for always being willing to share ways of doing the process better.

Marcella Hilferty, BCH, CPHI

I just completed the 7th-Path Forward advanced training and I wanted to share my enthusiasm to try this with my new and current clients. I have been practicing for only about 3 months and while I'm loving 5-Path and learning every day, I just feel so excited to add these new tools to my belt to really be able to help and meet my client’s needs more creatively and expansively. A couple of my clients have been more rocked by the intensity of how deep this work is than others and they've been hesitant to continue. I really see how this approach provides a gentler way for them to access the same powerful results. I’m all kinds of inspired to start utilizing this asap!

I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderfully supportive community.
P.S. Do the training if you can

Hannah Brobst, CH

Since I was trained on 5-PATH and 7th Path from teachers other than Cal, it was incredibly helpful to get a refresher straight from Cal himself. I learned so much more than I thought I would and am very thankful to have been a part of this talented and wonderful group of people! I love how much easier 7th Path Forward is and I have already been able to move clients into this approach.

Remember, it's not a little thing, it's a big thing!

Thanks Cal and everyone on the PATH! I love being a part of this family!

Rio Chanel