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Career Advancement: Advanced Courses & Certifications

Amazing Career and Business Building Advanced Certification Courses… By graduating from the 5-PATH® IAHP Certified Hypnosis Professional certification course and becoming a member, you have placed yourself at the top of our profession. But you can still reach higher, build more skills, gain more knowledge, and be recognized with greater certifications.

These 5-PATH® IAHP and 7th Path™ certifications demonstrate to your colleagues, other professionals, and your potential clients that you have been recognized as a highly skilled and certified hypnosis professional. There is no better way to invest in your own professional development and your business than to take these certification courses.

“We go deeper, not wider” as I like to say, we don’t go chasing after some other kind of self-help training, we go deeper into what we already know works. We become true masters of 5-PATH®, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, The Secret Language of Feelings and the other parts of our systems that put us above all other hypnosis professionals and their organizations.

Please have a look at the list of advanced courses below, along with a short description of each one. To learn more about each course, just click on the link provided.

7th Path™ Forward Advanced Certification
7th Path™ Forward Advanced Certification Class Graduates Photo

7th Path Forward™ is a 2-day workshop held online. This is NOT just teaching 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® to clients. It is something more than that so that you can help your clients focus on what they came in to change, and then continue to work on themselves in the future. Taking the 7th Path™ Forward approach with your clients also greatly increases the probability that they will get more Recognitions and become more independent and happier. Happy clients are your best referral source and as such the best way to grow your hypnosis practice.

The course will include videos of Cal doing 7th Path™ Forward with a real client! See the difference in approach. Watch the transformation.

To qualify for this upcoming course, one must be a competent 5-PATHer who is practicing 7th Path™ themselves.

Mastermind Accelerator Program
Mastermind Accelerator Program Group Photo

This program has a minimum commitment of 3 months where you will attend weekly online meetings with Cal Banyan. The Mastermind Accelerator Program is THE PREMIER program which gives you an almost unfair advantage over every other 5-PATHer. Get started seeing paying clients more quickly and confidently, let Cal answer your questions in depth!

This program is limited in size and intended for new hypnotists who need help getting their practices up and running.

5-PATH® IAHP Board Certification
Board Certification Program Class Group Photo

5-PATH® IAHP Board Certification exceeds all board certification standards and qualifications established in the profession of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Receiving 5-PATH® IAHP Board Certification is a distinction setting the individual apart from non-board-certified hypnosis professionals. This board certification benefits the public, employers, and other professionals by certifying that the individual has a high degree of commitment to the profession, has practical experience, and professionalism.

There are a few qualifications required to become Board Certified, including having seen at least 20 paying clients.

7th Path Teacher Ultimates 5th Degree
7th Path Teacher Ultimates 5th Degree Class Photo

This is a 2-day workshop and must be attended live, in person. The Ultimate 7th Path Recognitions 1-5 are the next step for 7th Path Self-Hypnosis; you will experience personal growth and transformation unlike any you have experienced before. This workshop is for 7th Path Teachers who want to be able to bring their own clients to the next level.

You must be a certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher to be eligible for this course.

7th Path Teacher Ultimates 9th Degree
7th Path Teacher Ultimates 9th Degree Class Photo

This is a 2-day workshop, usually held online. The Ultimate 7th Path Recognitions 6-9 are a quantum leap more powerful than anything that you have experienced with the other Recognitions. In this class teachers will experience all the Delta energies in the 7th Path Recognitions. There will be tears of joy and gratitude for sure! Learn the Ultimate Form of the 6-9 Recognitions for yourself and be certified to teach them to your clients.

Only 7th Path Teachers of the Ultimate 5th Degree can attend, and one must be practicing 7th Path daily using the first 5 Ultimates that you already have.

7th Path™ Teacher of the Aspirations Certification Course
7th Path Teacher of the Aspirations Class Photo

The Recognitions were a breakthrough in human development. The Ultimates were a quantum leap greater than the Recognitions. They create a conduit between you and your Delta far beyond what the Recognitions could do. You become a channel for that Divine Energy!

The Aspirations are yet another GREAT leap forward as you are lifted to a much greater extent into Divine Energy. It is a euphoric experience of mind, body and spirit that is beyond what I can explain on this page. It can only be experienced to be understood. Imagine how that would affect your whole life, especially your experience with your Delta!

Advanced 5-PATH® Certification Course
Advanced 5-PATH® Certification Course Class Photo

This is a 2-day online course. This is the most in depth 5-PATH® course we offer; get advanced instruction in age regression, age progression, how to work with multiple ISEs, and more! Everything in this course is on a higher level than what is covered in the regular training.

Because this course is advanced you must be an experienced 5-PATHer, and have seen paying clients to get the most out of this course.

CPHI™ Training Certification
CPHI™ Training Certification Class Graduates Photo

This course is how you became a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor, learn how to teach the Banyan Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy certification course. When you become a CPHI, you will be an elite trainer positioning yourself above others in the profession. Our training programs are well known around the world as being elite. As you know, they go far beyond the basics and teach students such powerful hypnosis techniques as age regression work, forgiveness work, our special kind of parts work, Parts Mediation Work™, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® and much more.

To qualify to become a CPHI™ you need to meet a number of pre-requisites, including having seen at least 25 paying clients and been in practice for one year or more.